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Positions We Fill

  • EVP, Sales & Marketing
  • SVP, Sales & Marketing
  • VP, Sales & Marketing
  • Director of Sales
  • Business Development Manager
  • Regional Manager/Sales Manager
  • National Accounts Manager
  • Major Accounts Manager
  • Sales Rep/Account Executive
  • Director/Practice Manager
  • VP/Director Professional Services
  • Client Relationship Manager
  • Client Partner
  • Project Manager
  • VP/Director Client Services
  • Pre-Sales Consultant
  • Implementation Consultant

Clients FAQ's

Why should I consider using Ober Consulting's services?

It is well documented that working with a quality search firm as a career partner has several major advantages. Finding qualified staff is a labor-intensive process that puts substantial pressure on an already overburdened critical asset - "time". Managers already have their hands full managing multiple daily activities.

When the burden of recruiting and hiring is added to an already crowded set of responsibilities, it can detract from a manager's ability to achieve their corporate objectives. Working with a qualified career partner like Ober Consulting takes the burden of the recruiting process off of internal staff and allows an organization to focus on its core business.

Additionally, when all the high-dollar management man-hours involved in attaining new talent without the assistance of a qualified career partner are considered, it is equally obvious that there are substantial cost-savings per hire as an added benefit of partnership with a firm like Ober Consulting.

What distinguishes Ober Consulting from other search firms?

Unmatched professional competence and a firm commitment to always doing the right thing by both our clients as well as our candidates are the first things employers notice that are major distinguishing characteristics of Ober Consulting versus other search firms.

Ober Consulting has as the cornerstone of every relationship a firm commitment to ensuring the proper match has been made between the client and the candidate. Ober Consulting is not a "body shop", it is a solutions provider. Ober Consulting as an organization has a deep base of knowledge about the industry sectors it specializes in.

The goal of every Associate at Ober Consulting is to build long-term relationships with both our clients as well as our candidates. We make the commitment to really understand each client's business and needs to a depth where we have the ability to represent your organization with superior facing to the marketplace. With Ober Consulting as your advocate, you can rest assured that you will possess a competitive advantage in competing for talent versus your competitors.

How does the process work?

The first step is conducting a thorough needs analysis through an in-depth client interview. This ensures that we are focused on delivering only those candidates that have the skills and experience to have an immediate impact on your organization's success. Once you engage Ober Consulting in a search, Ober Consulting will assist you throughout the entire process from initial candidate contact through offer acceptance.

How do you find candidates?

Ober Consulting makes use of all available techniques & technologies including, but not limited to:

  • Referrals - (One of the best resources for talent) Ober Consulting receives a large volume of referrals nationally from satisfied candidates and clients on a daily basis.
  • Direct Sourcing - Ober Consulting has never rested on its laurels. We continue to add to our network of contacts by direct recruiting on a daily basis. Nothing can replace ferreting out the best & the brightest that are most typically employed and not actively looking at new career opportunities.
  • Online Resources - Ober Consulting has a state of the art technology infrastructure with complete access to all the latest tools available to identify new talent. To screen through the enormous amount of information available, Ober Consulting employs researchers whose job it is to find the "needles in a haystack". Ober Consulting leaves no stone unturned in ensuring we are continuously identifying the best talent in the industry sectors that we cover.

What fees are involved in working with Ober Consulting?

Ober Consulting works on both a Contingency & Retained basis.

  • Contingency: We most typically work on a contingency basis for all positions from Individual Contributor level to Director level.
  • Retained: We most typically work on a retained basis for all senior management positions from VP level to C-level. Ober Consulting's retained fee structure is substantially more competitive than what you will find with the large old-line Retainer firms. Please call Doug Ober at (617) 981 5872 for a quote.